How long does it take to get a Culinary Degree?

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The length of time it takes to get a Culinary Arts Degree depends upon which degree you are studying to receive.

An Associate Degree in Culinary Arts is normally a two-year course. Upon graduation, you will be prepared with the skills necessary to manage a kitchen or bakery. You will also have all the skills needed to utilize the kitchen or bakery equipment and will be able to prepare menus and manage staff. Your classes may include working in the school cafeteria or in other culinary labs. This degree will prepare you to work as a line cook, sous chef or caterer as well as a cook in a restaurant. You may also be qualified to work as a service manager at a restaurant, hospital or any other area of the food industry.

If you are pursuing your Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts, you can expect to finish your degree in approximately four years. This degree will include much of the same information that is included in the Associate’s Degree. It also will focus on hospitality, baking, cooking and many management courses. At this time, you can decide where you want to focus your education if you are preparing to go on and get your Master’s Degree in Culinary Arts. There many different fields related to the food industry, so your course work will focus on your interest.

A Bachelor’s Degree may help you get into better entry-level positions in upscale restaurants. You may be responsible for food preparation, assisting a chef or even a jobin a household as part of the personal kitchen staff. These positions are better paid positions than what you may find if you were to apply to restaurants and had no training in food management or cooking.

A Master’s Degree in Culinary Arts will take an additional two years after you receive your Bachelor’s Degree. The Master’s Degree will prepare you to teach nutrition and to train employees in food science while working in upscale restaurants and upscale hotel settings. This degree is focused on specific food related industries as opposed to teaching more cooking or baking skills. This degree may be in nutrition and other food related sciences.
The Master’s Degree is beneficial if you are going into the hospitality industry and wish to manage the restaurant of a hotel, casino, cruise line or any other type of tourist business that serves food. A degree will help you to provide quality nutrition to guests while understanding different cultural needs in menu choices.
Some schools have diploma courses that only require a few months to complete. These diplomas are very specific and teach classes in things like commercial cooking, pastry arts, bridal consulting and some management courses.